Resource Synergy Helps Passages Family Support To Obtain Energy Star Certification and Grant Funding

by Erik makinson

Resource Synergy is excited to have helped Passages Family Support secure an Energy Star Certification for their building as recognition of their energy-efficient practices. Passages is one of only two buildings in Spokane County to receive an Energy Star Certification in 2022 and the first office building since 2019 to get certified in Spokane County.

Additionally, Resource Synergy helped Passages secure the Clean Energy Fund 5 – Building Electrification Program grant administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce. Resource Synergy will provide a complete turnkey design-build HVAC project under this grant. Full project details include the design and install an all-electric HVAC system, and digital controls, finishing LED Lighting in the building, and reducing plug load energy use through Smart Strips and panel heaters.

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s purpose in creating the grant program is to reduce GHG emissions in existing buildings. For Passages, Resource Synergy will reduce GHG emissions by eliminating R22 from all HVAC equipment, almost completely eliminating the use of natural gas in the building, and implementing other energy conservation measures to reduce electric use.

Upgrading the HVAC will require the following work from Resource Synergy:

  1. Perform mechanical, electrical, and structural design.

  2. Procure subcontractors and equipment.

  3. Demolish existing equipment and systems.

  4. Install new equipment and systems.

  5. Startup, commission, and perform the test and balance of the new equipment.

About Passages Family Support:

Passages is a licensed outpatient behavioral health clinic that strives to form healthy partnerships with clients by providing recovery support, peer services, therapy, care coordination, medication management, Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe), Intensive Residential Treatment, substance use disorder services, and health home programs.