New Tier of Buildings added with the Clean Buildings Expansion Bill

by Erik Makinson

On March 25, Governor Inslee signed the Clean Buildings expansion bill into law. This bill expands the scope of the Clean Buildings Act to include properties between 20,000 ft² – 50,000 ft². This is a big deal because there are exponentially more commercial buildings in this new tier than those previously impacted by the 50,000 square feet threshold.

Under this bill, multifamily residential, nonresidential, hotel, motel, and dormitory buildings, or “Tier 2 covered buildings”, between 20,000 ft² – 50,000 ft² will have to take steps to satisfy compliance requirements. These steps include energy management planning, operations and maintenance planning, and energy use analysis through benchmarking with supporting documents submitted by July 1, 2027.

At this time, it's unclear what targets these buildings will be subjected to, though the Department of Commerce has again been tasked with creating the rules.

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C-PACER “Fixer” Bill Signed

by Erik Makinson

Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee signed a small but important bill yesterday, March 17th. SB5862 is known as a “fixer bill,” designed to correct or clarify points of previously passed legislation that were not working as intended. In this case, it relates to C-PACER financing, a powerful tool to help building owners finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resilience projects. Two years ago, the state of Washington passed the legislation enabling such financing, but in the time since only five counties have opted into the program, all of which are along the I-5 corridor. Others, like Spokane County, felt like the vagueness in certain parts of the bill opened the county to risk. This fixer bill clarifies those points, assuring counties that this is a low-risk, high-return opportunity to boost economic activity while benefiting the environment.

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Success Stories: Sustainable Materials Management of Food at Tribal Casinos

by Erik Makinson

On October 13, 2021, the EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery's Tribal Waste Management Program hosted the webinar "Success Stories: Sustainable Materials Management of Food at Tribal Casinos". Resource Synergy's President Erik Makinson and client Northern Quest Casino were among the panelists.

Here's a bit more about the webinar:

"Numerous tribal-owned or operated gaming facilities and resorts have responded to the many opportunities to build and expand upon sustainable materials management programs. Applying Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) approaches can reduce waste, reduce costs and save resources. SMM-focused efforts can also have lasting beneficial environmental and social impacts for tribes.

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