Resource Synergy Welcomes New Energy Project Developer

by Erik Makinson

We are delighted to welcome Mike James to the Resource Synergy team. His wealth of knowledge brings breadth and depth to our energy services. Mike joins the team at a pivotal time when our clients are faced with converging factors of declining occupancy, increasing energy costs, and onerous legislation like the Clean Buildings Act. We are now more prepared than ever to help commercial property owners and managers respond to this changing marketplace.

Mike is a licensed mechanical engineer, certified energy manager (CEM), and LEED-accredited professional (AP) with 21 years of experience in the energy, HVAC, and design-build industry. He has experience with energy and facility auditing, developing solutions, overseeing the design of upgrades, and construction. Mike's expertise in heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electrical, controls, envelope, renewable energy, and plumbing assessment and development. He has worked extensively with schools, hospitals, higher education, and municipal building owners. Mike focuses on customizing energy and infrastructure solutions to the needs and budget of each building owner through extensive investigations, asking questions, brainstorming with building owners and tenants, and thinking creatively. He takes great joy in collaborating with building owners to ensure that what is conceptualized, designed, and eventually installed aligns with owner needs and goals. Mike holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University. He enjoys being outside, playing competitive sports, and spending time with his family. Mike loves to laugh, relax, travel, drink coffee, and help his three boys learn new things.