Success Stories: Sustainable Materials Management of Food at Tribal Casinos

by Erik Makinson

On October 13, 2021, the EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery's Tribal Waste Management Program hosted the webinar "Success Stories: Sustainable Materials Management of Food at Tribal Casinos". Resource Synergy's President Erik Makinson and client Northern Quest Casino were among the panelists.

Here's a bit more about the webinar:

"Numerous tribal-owned or operated gaming facilities and resorts have responded to the many opportunities to build and expand upon sustainable materials management programs. Applying Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) approaches can reduce waste, reduce costs and save resources. SMM-focused efforts can also have lasting beneficial environmental and social impacts for tribes.

This Tribal Waste Management Program webinar features Tribal Casinos and Resort representatives who are maximizing efforts to reduce and divert wasted food, including through donation of surplus food to local hunger relief agencies, composting food scraps from their restaurants and buffets, and sending food scraps to a local farm for animal feed."