Associated Industries

Benefiting the environment and their budget

A shared service organization supporting over 1,200 companies in eastern Washington with legal and human resources services, Associated Industries has partnered with Resource Synergy better manage their energy, water and waste.  This program has delivered significant results to both their bottom line and environmental impact.

Resource Synergy first implemented an office recycling program including desk-side availability of single-stream recycling and mini hanging waste baskets. This process delivered waste savings of 76% to Associated Industries by increasing recycling volume by 400% and reducing trash volume by 83% - bringing the trash dumpster down from a 6 yard to 1 yard. 

The Resource Synergy team then built on the success of the recycling program through a comprehensive energy efficiency program.  Within the first 3 months, energy consumption had dropped by 43% and employees reported greater comfort.

Significant water savings opportunities have also been identified and are expected to be implemented in 2019.

The Paulsen Center

Delivers added value to tenants

Too Much Garbage

Large office buildings can produce a lot of waste. Until Spring 2016, The Paulsen Center was filling a five-yard trash compactor twice a week. That much waste had a notable impact not only on the environment, but on the bottom line of the building’s operations.

An Unexpectedly Painless Solution

The Paulsen Center made changes, but they knew there had to be something more they could do. Resource Synergy raised recycling as not only a way to help the environment, but also save money and create jobs at the same time.

The Paulsen Center brought in Resource Synergy to implement a major overhaul of their recycling and waste system. While the planning and follow-up process took two months behind the scenes, the tenants only saw three days of activity. Over 600 recycling bins and nearly 400 mini-hanging waste baskets were installed throughout the building. Each install included one-on-one conversations and some tenants even opted for on-site training as well. In total, Resource Synergy educated nearly 400 employees of the building’s 90 tenants on the new system.

As Assistant Property Manager Scarlett Stalter said, “Working with Resource Synergy was amazing and seamless. Erik took care of all the details and made it so easy for us.”

Increased Tenant Value, Reduced Cost

Resource Synergy’s program increased The Paulsen Center’s recycling by 255% and cut waste in half. After all, once you remove paper, metal, glass, and plastic, there isn’t much left in the office waste stream.

The tenants were delighted with the program. “We were impressed that The Paulsen Center cared enough about the environment and our businesses to make recycling this easy,” said Matthew Pederson of Republic Services.

In fact, with a total waste cost savings of 40%, the program not only paid for itself, but also delivered a positive impact to The Paulsen Center’s bottom line.